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Rank Ideas

Jan 28, 2020

Rules were made to be broken. Pretty dumb expression if you think about it, but it's hard to think of any human-made rules that are universally obeyed.

Cheaters can be heroes or villains as the tide turns, but what do we think of the general idea of cheating?

Jan 26, 2020

Nick and Chris invoke their own relationships with sport to defend what is certainly one of the most arbitrary human pursuits of them all. Season Spoiler: we think they're all arbitrary.

Jan 24, 2020

Do you want to live forever? Nick does, Chris isn't so sure. In literature immortality comes with a terrible curse, but literature isn't the truth so let's get ranking!

Jan 19, 2020

The ability to generate narratives is a striking power that lets humans store and share huge amounts of information on our path to dominate all life.

Or at least, that is the information as has been presented to me across various synthesised constructs.