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Rank Ideas

Aug 31, 2021

Think of the most intelligent person you know. What makes them so? What are their strengths? 

As importantly, what are their weaknesses? Are they significant? Significant enough to be called unintelligent in that realm?

What are we all talking about when we use this word! Let's figure out if it's useful or not, with...

Aug 17, 2021

It's amazing how far people will go when in the thrall of a charismatic environment that maps very soothingly to their needs and blind spots.

My friend Jeff created a board game called 'Cult' where you can play as Jesus, Charles Manson, Oprah Winfrey or Bob Brown. Needless to say, I consider myself immune to the allure...

Aug 10, 2021

Nick and Chris both love to ride their bikes without a helmet, but that's illegal in Australia for safety reasons. Chris wears one even though he hates it. Not because he's afraid for his head, but because he's afraid of police. Safety has been achieved. 

Aug 4, 2021

If we were to apply the scientific method to the scientific method, we might find its deficiencies. But would they be reliable?

As always, the only route to meaningful truth is via the casual interrogation of two leisure class laypersons!