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Rank Ideas

Oct 21, 2021

Like all good wellness coaches, Nick and Chris begin each day with several hours of goal setting, planning, and visualising how each action taken in that day will contribute towards attainment of these goals. 

There's truly only one downside to this - having to live in a society full of MORONS who refuse to be as...

Oct 12, 2021

We've got an old saying in Canberra. Shame me once? Fool on you. Shame me twice? The point is: you're not going to shame me again.

Unless you don't like this podcast. That's a shame from which I couldn't recover.

Good thing for all parties then that it's another invincibly flawless 'ep' for your considered...

Oct 5, 2021

Pragmatism doesn't seem to be the type of banner that people flock to rally behind. Is that what makes it good? Or even the most amazing idea of all time?

Not sure. Maybe we should temper our excitement with a dose of calm consideration and fire up the ol' Rankotomatic Deluxe! (It's just Nick and Chris).